Car Rental

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2 Functionality
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Rental booking, inventory asset tracking, advanced pricing options, package management, point-of-sale system, and other features are available. With powerful features and advanced customization options, you can manage and grow your rentals.

Power by Crocoblocks - The Ultimate Toolkit


Content Management System

Comes equipped with tools for creating, managing, and optimizing your digital experience. Easily publish content to the web.

Inventory/Availability Control

Our dashboard will give you insights into your business.  Set up fixed time slots, pre-defined durations, or let your customers choose a rental period freely. Specify and manage the dates not available for booking. Define the list of recipients and select the sender’s email account from which the messages will be sent with info about new bookings.

Customer Cabinet

Your customers can manage their orders, send you messages and more.


Addons Services

Connect third party services to trigger events after a booking is created or edited.

Accept Payments -Native support for popular payment processors and gateways. 

PayPal, Stripe, Square, Paystack

Google - Sync appointments to Google Calendar

Zoom - Create  Zoom meetings

Twilio- Notify your agents with SMS